Whether you're traveling to Napa Valley for a cycling vacation or to participate in a local cycling event or triathlon, Napa Valley Bike Shop is your go-to resource for shipping and building your personal bike. Our service team will assemble your bike with attention to detail to ensure it's rolling exactly as you expect when you arrive.

Likewise, locals who have purchased a bike online can turn to our knowledgeable team to assemble your new wheels.

$85 Bike Build from Box
$60 Disassemble & Pack for Shipping

Includes courtesy dropoff at FedEx, UPS or USPS!

Bike Build-from-Box Request

& Optional Repack for Return Shipping

Date you will bring your boxed bike to our shop or when your shipped bike will arrive
e.g. Black Specialized Tarmac
The date you want to pickup your bike (minimum 24 hrs after bike is received)
e.g. Black Specialized Tarmac
In most cases, bike(s) will be dropped off to designated shipper within 24 hours
Optional; we can add shipping charges to your final invoice