Our Service + Repair Team wants you to fall back in love with riding your bike again, even if it's been awhile since you last gave your bike some TLC.

When you check your bike in for service or repairs our mechanics will inspect your bike and make service recommendations as well as provide a free, non-binding estimate for the cost of the repairs.

Need a quick adjustment or flat fix? Feel free to swing by; we can do many small jobs on the spot!

Questions? Call us at 707.531.7708 or email us: bikeshop@napavalleybiketours.com.

Napa Valley Bike Shop repairs and service

Bike Tune-Up Packages

Pricing does not include cost of parts

Basic Tune-Up

$95+ Parts
    Included Services:
  • Clean, adjust, tune, align & lube derailleurs
  • Check chain*
  • Lube all cables and housings*
  • Inspect tires & tubes*
  • Clean & lube drivetrain
  • Check for play in bottom bracket, headset & hubs
  • True wheels
  • Grip install, if needed*
  • Safety check, inspect for wear or damage
  • Torque all bolts and fasteners to spec
  • *Cost of replacement parts not included

Comprehensive Tune-Up

$145+ Parts
    "Basic Tune-Up" services, PLUS:
  • Full bike detail cleaning+
  • +$45 MTB fork & shock tune-up
  • *Cost of replacement parts not included
  • + Bike cleaning offered within reason, i.e. no caked on mud, etc.

Overhaul Tune-Up

$225+ Parts
    "Comprehensive" services, PLUS:
  • Complete disassembly of bike down to the frame, re-grease and inspect everything
  • Remove, degrease, clean and lube entire drivetrain
  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket and hubs
  • Bleed hydraulic brakes, flush if needed
  • True, tension, and dish wheels
  • True rotors
  • Bar tape install, if needed*
  • +$45 MTB fork overhaul
  • +$45 MTB rear shock overhaul
  • *Cost of replacement parts not included

Request a Service Appointment

Note: The length of time your bike(s) will remain at our shop will depend on services requested and any parts that may need to be ordered to complete the job.
e.g. Red Stumpjumper
e.g. Green Electra Townie